The Lebanon Budget Profile

The Lebanon Budget Profile is a publication that gives a general overview of the Lebanese Budget, its form, stages, laws and principles. It also gives an economic and political basic overview of the country as well as a look at the Government's Budget Practices and Some of the Civil Society organisations working on Budgets in Lebanon. Available in Arabic for now. Check Publications

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Open Budgets, Sustainable Democracies: A Spotlight on the MENA (IBP)

An IBP publication: The International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget Survey 2010 reveals that, with an average Open Budget Index score of 23 out of 100, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the lowest scoring region in terms of budget transparency and accountability. Read more on IBP’s Website. Available in English and Arabic (Translation to Arabic done by MARC)- Check Publications.

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Legal Acts related to the Budget in Lebanon

This publication is a collection of the legal acts that relate to the budget in the different Lebanese laws and regulations (Public accounting law, Audit act, The Lebanese constitution etc…) It is only available in Arabic for now.
هذه المطبوعة هي عبارة عن تجميع للمواد القانونية المتعلقة بالموازنة في مختلف نصوص القوانين اللبنانية والأنظمة (قانون المحاسبة العامة, قانون ديوان المحاسبة، الدستور اللبناني ...) وهي متوفّرة باللغة العربية.

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Know Your Country's Budget!

What is a Budget? Why is it important? What are the budget's leading principles? What are the main documents for a budget? How would i look in my Country's budget for information? Our guide answers these questions in a very basic and simple way. You can always follow the links to the sources or contact us if you need more information!  
Available for download in both English and Arabic

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Budget Advocacy Made Easy

Want to know where the money is going but having a hard time deciding where to start or dont quite know where to go in order to get the information you feel would assist you in your advocacy work? 

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MARC Takes Part in New Initiative

On November 18th & 19th 2011 MARC participated in the First Global Assembly for Budget Transperancy, Accountability and Participation. 

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Who is MARC ?

The Middle East Advocacy and Research Center (MARC) is an initiative launched by a group of young individuals who have been active in civil society in the Middle East and abroad. The experience gained from many years in the field highlighted to the founders of MARC various issues that have not been addressed or have been largely ignored by members of civil society in the region. While MARC is based in Lebanon, where civil society enjoys greater mobility and freedom, many of the lessons learned have resulted in a methodology of work that can result in success in influencing policy while creating awareness at a grassroots level.

Featured Projects

Transparency, Accountability and Budgeting (T.A.B) Program


Our Philosophy

To Encourage and Support Active Civic Participation Through the Promotion of Transparency and Accountability.

A Society where Each Individual is Equipped with the Proper Knowledge and Access to Attain His/ Her Rights.


Every Individual has the Right to Affect Change through active Civic Participation.

Dialogue and Awareness are essential for achieving coexistence and diversity within communities.

Freedom of Expression, Association and Belief are the foundations for vibrant and healthy Society.

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