The Middle East Advocacy and Research Center (MARC) believes in assisting each individual irrespective of sect, class, or status in society to become empowered and equipped with the proper knowledge, access and support to attain his/ her rights.

What we do ?

MARC was formed in the summer of 2010 with the objective of addressing the following issues:

  • Sensitization of individuals from various backgrounds on sssues that directly affect them.
  • To create dialogue in rural areas between communities, utilizing a human rights based approach.
  • To support and establish independent citizen initiatives.
  • To advocate for socio-economic and environmental alternatives to the problems faced at a local, national and regional level.
  • Utilizing new forms of media to create awareness on grass roots initiatives being implemented.
  • To Assist in strengthening members of civil society in organizational capacity building.


These objectives were identified by assessing the needs that were expressed by members of local communities who members of the organization met and worked with in Lebanon, especially after the Lebanese War of July 2006.

MARC plans on successfully meeting its objectives in all of the projects that will be implemented by:

  • Conducting a thorough needs assessment of the groups we intend to target with an emphasis being placed on gaps that may exist in knowledge, organizational capacity and awareness.
  • Training and assisting in creating an interactive and innovative platform for planned as well as existing local citizen initiatives as well as local and national advocacy campaigns.
  • Creating advanced and technical studies, position papers as well as policy briefs on local, national and regional policies that affect the everyday lives of the target groups that aim to provide practical solutions and alternatives.
  • Assessing planned and newly implemented laws that may affect Lebanon and the Region, mainly in the Socio-Economic and Environmental Sectors.
  • Creation of practical and user friendly toolkits based on the needs indentified by the target groups.

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